What is wallstickers?

Wall stickers, which are also known as wall decals, wall tattoos or wall art are self-adhesive removable stickers

made of a very thin high-tech vinyl foil and can be applied to a range of surfaces for decorative purposes.

Wall stickers are waterproof and UV stable, suitable for all weather conditions.

It only takes minutes to apply to a surface and it can be just as easily and quickly removed .

On which surfaces can I use Stickers?

You can apply stickers to almost any surface. You’ll get the best results if you apply our stickers to any clean, dry and plain smooth surfaces including painted and wallpapered walls, tiles, plaster, smooth concrete, wood, metals, plastic, glass, windows, doors, mirrors, tables, chairs, refrigerators etc...

We also have materials that can be applied on to textured surfaces, but these are only available as a custom order. Your imagination is the limit!

When applying stickers to walls, please note that they will stick down best when the wall has been painted with normal matt emulsion and it is not fresh painted wall (please wait to dry at least 3-4 weeks).

Please don’t use wall stickers on fresh painting wall or wall that are already peeling, flaky, or fragile or you might risk the paint coming off with the stickers.

Can the wall stickers be removed? Yes and it is easy!

All our products we are produced on removable vinyl.

The easiest method of removal is to gently heat the graphic with a hair dryer in order to soften the adhesive so that you can carefully peel it from the wall.

Contact us if you are still in doubt whether stickers will work for you.


Can I use a wallsticker again and again?

No. As soon as you have applied a wallsticker once, it cannot be reused.

Some of wall stickers can be produced from reusable and reposition vinyl please contact us for more informations.    

Is it possible to customize a design (e.g. get it in another size)?

Yes you sure can. Just write to us and let us know which design you want and what size/color you want it in and we will get back to you.

Can stickers tolerate application on potential heat sources such as radiators, ovens, fireplaces etc?

You should in most cases not apply stickers to a heat source which is in use.

Wall Stickers are made from a plastic material that doesn’t tolerate high temperatures.

However, as a rule of thumb, if you can comfortably place the palm on your hand on the chosen

surface without getting too uncomfortable – then it should be OK to apply our wall stickers

Can I get you to send the sticker I want as a gift to another address than my own?

Yes. We can send your sticker to a different address than the billing address. This option will become available to you when you enter your payment and other information during checkout.

How will I receive my stickers?

You will receive your sticker in a poster tube. We will send your sticker internationally using either an accredited courier services. Usually we ship out your sticker in the next 2-3 days.


We ship all orders using an accredited courier service. To see the exact shipping costs for your order, add all the products you wish to purchase from your shopping cart - then select your country from the dropdown list. the system will then show the correct shipping amount in your local currency automatically.

What payment options do I have?

You can pay in our shop using PayPal service 

I haven’t received an order confirmation per email?

You most likely entered your email address incorrectly in the order form or the email we sent you ended up in your SPAM folder by accident. Not to worry however: If you saw the order complete message when you place your order then you can be sure that we have received it and are processing it. If you want to make sure your order got through OK, you can always contact us using our contact form.

Can I order stickers if I do not live in UK?

Of course! All stickers can be payed  by pay pal services. Just to add the product to cart and then click on "Finish buying" Then you get the form that you should fill your real data, selecting the state is crucial. Clearly will be displayed price of postage, the cost of stickers and required to pay a total of ordered stickers.